Diego Ruiz
FADP - Head Coach

Born in South America Colombia. Diego has 20 years of experience working with soccer and coaching.

(Coaching Leadership - Tournament Operations - Team Marketing - Team Management - Tryouts Management - Partnership Development)

Started at a very young age coaching AYSO for a few years. Soon after, Diego formed, managed and trained his Club Team DBWV - America for several years in Diamond Bar, Walnut California. During that time he also served as a Board Member for DBWV Soccer Club. Coached/managed and organized tryouts for Stampede Soccer Club helping to form his youngest son's team. Diego has also coached locally at Ayala High School in Chino Hills. Has attended numerous soccer camps and has traveled internationally for soccer tryouts and to be a student of the game. With the help of many, Diego has helped inner-city kids attend soccer camps such as: ODP and local British hosted camps. Diego currently resides in Canyon Hills, California and is married to his wife Olivia and has two sons, Nicolas and Tomas both who play for FADP.
Robert Simpson
FADP Vikings - Head Coach / Player

Robert Simpson starting playing soccer when he was 7 years old as a substitute AYSO player. With dedication he improved himself to achieve a starting role. Throughout the years he continued working his way until he was a key part of his Western High School Varsity Soccer Team.

Rob has also volunteered his time as a referee and coach at the AYSO youth levels.

He has been striving to improve not only his own game, but also to improve the games of his teammates around him. He is always looking for a coaching moment or a moment to raise someone else’s spirits.

Always strives to be a complete player on and off the field and he always expects his teammates/players to strive for greatness every day. Loves just being on the field and helping his teammates, players, fans, and opponents get as much fun out of the game as possible, while still keeping that competitive spirit high.

Rob loves to have fun when he isn’t on the soccer field as well. Pretty much every sport is watched by Rob, even little league baseball, but his first love is the beautiful game of soccer. 

Robert Simpson also has a degree in Electronics Engineering so he also finds time to repair electronics and computer/server systems.

Rob’s dream job is one day being the head coach of the USMNT.